The Citizens of Forest Wisconsin

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Despite the concern of citizens, the company behind the wind farm (Leeward Energy) refuses to back down and consider relocating the project to a place that won’t impact homes.  Please sign this petition to tell the Wisconsin Public Service Commission it should listen to Forest, and keep the turbines OUT!

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Forest Wisconsin and the PSC

The town of Forest in Wisconsin has concerns over the end results of the Highland Wind Farm. Forest has spent more than half-a-million dollars fighting the project at the Public Service Commission. This petition’s purpose is to raise awareness about the negative consequences of wind turbines and help Forest in its fight to protect its residents.

Shouldn’t a change that could massively impact the quality of life in your town be up to the residents and NOT the state?

Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health:

A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks

“What is needed among the scientific community, local and national governmental agencies, and political leaders, is honest discourse about methods for reducing carbon emissions in ways that do not turn some rural communities into sacrifice zones.”

Punch & James, Wind turbine noise and human health